Eternime is an Artificial Intelligence digital replica of you, built from your digital footprint (emails, social media posts, smartphone and wearables data etc.). This digital twin will learn from you, grow with you, help you and, eventually, live on after you die.

We strongly believe that a future where humans are not forgotten after they die is far more enrichening for the world than the current reality. We started this project in 2014 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and have been working ever since on understanding human psychology and building the Artificial Intelligence that will help humans “live” forever as digital replicas.

It's difficult, maybe impossible, but what if this could help each of us live a much more meaningful life.



  • Fast Company

    United States

    “ What if, theoretically speaking, there were a way 
to digitally approximate your consciousness
 and represent it on a screen? ”

  • Techcrunch

    United States

    “ The dream of building Artificially Intelligent avatars: digital beings that will look, sound and, most important of all, act like individuals who are no longer with us. ”

  • Wired

    United States

    “ Eternime is not just about loved ones signing up after the event, but individuals signing up to have their own character preserved, under their watchful eye while still alive. ”

  • Access to MIT academic research, mentors and other network contacts.

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  • Equity to reward you for your commitment and hard work.

  • Bring your pet to work anytime, it has some friends to play with.

  • Free tickets to all Marvel superheroes movies in town.

  • Freshly roasted coffee (espresso or V60) prepared by our CEO.